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Dr K. T. Jadhav

Professor and Head Chemical... View Profile

Dr Litesh Malade

Associate Professor 20 Years of experiance in Teaching and Research. A... View Profile

Dr Amarsinh Jadhav

Assistant Professor Reaction Engineering, Mass Transfer, Catalysis,Env... View Profile

Dr Rahul Patil

Assistant Professor Energy Conservation, Modeling & Simulation, Biomas... View Profile

Mr Arvind Patil

Assistant Professor Chemical Technology... View Profile

Mr Rahul Mahajan

Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics,Heat transfer,Petroleum Refinery E... View Profile

Mr Manishkumar Patil

Assistant Professor Green technology ,Process simulation lab ,computat... View Profile

Mr Kiran Patil

Assistant Professor Chemical... View Profile

Mr Yogesh Donolikar

Assistant Professor Process Calculations, Fluid Mechanics, Petrochemic... View Profile

Mrs Poonam Mandale

Assistant Professor Chemical engineering thermodynamic... View Profile